Attic Dek provides easy access to additional storage space.

Attic Dek is a simple solution to the unfinished space of your attic.
This attic decking provides a safe platform for accessing and storing your belongings.

Are you unnecessarily spending extra dollars each month in storage rental fees? You likely already have that unutilized space available, if not more, in your own home! Let Attic Dek floor you with savings and convenience.


Pick the design layout

Install the attic decking panels

Begin storing your belongings

This DIY solution is all about you!

According to, the average cost of a small storage unit is $90 per month; a large space averages in at $290 per month! That’s spending between $1200 and $3400 each and every year to rent storage space; you can spend half that annual price to provide flooring and storage in your attic by installing attic decking. No more driving to the storage unit in multiple trips just to decorate for the holidays; keep your decorations, extra bedding, and accessories at your fingertips. Plus, Attic Dek is a one-time expenditure!

Easy to Install

Interlocking design makes installation a snap for novice DIY-ers.

Durable & Safe

Panels are light to ensure joists won’t sag and support up to 250 pounds.

Convenient Design

Panels are designed for running wires and providing access to ductwork & pipes.

A simple DIY flooring system designed for unfinished attics.

Getting organized is easy with this do-it-yourself project.

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