About Attic Dek

Add value & safety to your attic storage space with Attic Dek panels!

The idea for Attic Dek came about after its inventor put his foot through the kitchen ceiling while working in the attic.

You dread the balancing act you have to perform every time you need to go up to your attic and for good reason! It’s a dangerous task! One wrong step and you have damaged your ceiling below and likely hurt yourself! Maybe you are adding insulation or needing electrical access to add ceiling lights or a ceiling fan in your home. It’s an unsafe chore and challenging to walk those beams, let alone tote your tools at the same time.

You wish you had an easier way to get around in your attic space, and you wish you had more ready-made storage. Attic Dek is the answer!


Attic Dek is a proven solution for providing additional attic storage space and for easy access. No more hauling, measuring or cutting large sheets of plywood; no more struggling to balance on the joists! 

The 16”x24” vented panels allow insulation to breathe and provide visibility to wiring. Attic Dek is lightweight and efficient while still supporting up to 250 pounds per panel and can be installed in small sections with the ability to add more as needed. 

One person can install Attic Dek panels in minutes with just a few screws, which are included.

With Attic Dek panels, you can:

attic storage made in the USA

Manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the USA by Metro Plastics, Attic Dek is your solution for sustainable attic flooring.

Attic Dek is one of many innovative proprietary products manufactured by Metro Plastics.