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Leg through ceiling

the Attic Dek story

Attic Dek provides mobility and accessibility in your attic space with plastic attic flooring panels.​

Longer winter?

“Phil” the cold void of winter with storage necessities like attic decking!

march madness!

Score some crowd pleasers with these DIY hacks, like recycled attic flooring, for everyday living.


Planting Hacks

Recycled household items, attic flooring panels, and some vinegar can go a long way in creating an enchanting garden.

DIY Car Maintenance

DIY car maintenance takes the checkered flag in this month’s celebratory events.

Storage Ideas for Attics

Perfect ways to keep your family treasures intact with storage ideas for attics

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled preventive maintenance plays a key role in keeping a healthy home on the inside and out