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Attic Dek provides mobility and accessibility in your attic space with plastic attic flooring panels.

Leg through ceiling

Here it is, January 2022! Can you believe it? New month, new year, new beginnings!

Attic Dek is starting the year off with a new platform to present you with information and perhaps entertain you every now and again. We welcome you to “Out of the Attic!”

You probably already know what Attic Dek is… a convenient option for an attic flooring system that provides safe access and alternative storage space…but do you know how it came to be?

Attic Dek was born of a DIY’er just like you! That’s right…the idea, as so many inventions are, came as a result of a…shall we say, a challenge in getting a project completed.

Lindsey Hahn, plastics manufacturing owner and well-known DIY’er, was taking on a kitchen remodel when his mis-step made history! Very careful foot placement is required lest you miss and place your foot smack dab in the middle of the drywall that makes up the ceiling of the room below. It’s not as easy as you may think, especially while wielding tools, to walk on the joists of the attic space. Well, Lindsey was working on adding a light drop to the kitchen ceiling when his foot and leg went right through that ceiling! Can you picture it? Luckily, he didn’t injure himself but it sure set him behind on his remodeling project. He just created a whole new chore having to now repair the hole.

At the delight of Mrs. Lynne Hahn, Lindsey finished that kitchen remodel without too many more setbacks. In the following months, the two of them set out on a little vacation adventure, and with a lot of monotonous road time, Lindsey found his mind drifting back to that little DIY project and supposed that there should be some way to create a safe and easy-to-install support or flooring for unfinished attic space. Not plywood…it certainly isn’t easy to drag big, awkward pieces of plywood through that little hole…and up the ladder…nope…hmmm. What if we had a small, strong, plastic panel? Lightweight and engineered to breathe and hold a person’s weight…yes! Eureka!

Lindsey teamed up with a colleague engineer and they designed what is now known as the “Legacy” or original Attic Dek, attic flooring panels that create easier access to hard-to-reach areas and provides storage options.

That was decades ago and Attic Dek has come a long way with the advent of the “Universal” panel that has an advantageous design allowing one panel to fit both the 16” or 24” standard joist span. That put an end to any question of which size of panel the customer needed…no measuring as with the “Legacy” panels that offered the 16” OR 24” respective sizes. This means worry and hassle-free ordering!

Attic Dek panels gray and black

Furthermore, this marvel of ingenuity is so easy to install, it is a do-it-yourselfer’s dream! Purchase Attic Dek’s attic flooring panels HERE!

Today, Attic Dek is available in several e-tailer markets, such as Amazon, Home Depot, and eBay. Known not only for easy access for attics but also for creating storage space where before there was none, Attic Dek provides more usable real estate right in your own home. Now that is smart and valuable!