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All natural repellent

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Keep rodents out of your attic space with this all natural repellent.

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Environmentally safe
Replace strips 3 times yearly

 With the infused peppermint, cinnamon, and clove oil polyethylene strips, this all natural repellent allows you to repel mice and other rodents from your personal belongings stored in your attic with a simple snap!

Inactive ingredients: Polyethylene, Zeolites
*recommended to replace infused strips every 4 months

Quick Install:

Adhesive backing

 Remove adhesive backing from track. 

Applying track

 Apply track along perimeter of Attic Dek configuration. 

Infused strips snapped in

 Snap infused strips into tracks & start organizing! 

Quickly and effectively protect your attic storage space from rodent damage.

If given the chance, mice can cause lasting damage to your belongings and to the structure of your house.

Don’t give them that chance.

Invest in protecting your house with Attic Dek’s pest repellent strips.

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