DIY Car Maintenance during Race Month

DIY car maintenance takes the checkered flag in this month’s celebratory events.

A 2.5 mile stretch of oval asphalt in central Indiana becomes the focus for many of us during the month of May. That’s right, the “greatest spectacle in racing” is coming up and it takes place just down the way from the facility that manufactures Attic Dek. The race has been an Indiana tradition since 1911 and draws spectators from around the world…as many as 400,000 attendees have gathered at this famed track to collectively experience these amazingly engineered machines.

The intoxicating aroma of gasoline might as well be Chanel No. 5 for the true die-hards. The roar of the engines surely makes some of our hearts beat faster. Seeing it in person allows a spectator to actually feel the power and energy put out by the 700 horsepower engines; it truly is an experience to behold. Watching those amazing pit crews may even just have you thinking about your own little street cruiser…it certainly does for those of us on the Attic Dek team.

We know you aren’t going to come screeching into pit row and have a whole crew attend to your Honda Civic. So, in the spirit of the big race, we gathered some fabulous DIY tips for keeping your vehicle in tip top shape. Afterall, you can be proud of your minivan and pick-up truck even if you aren’t winning trophies with them at the Brickyard.

And as always, as a company who places high importance on spending wisely, we understand that car maintenance and repair sometimes get put off due to time and financial constraints…especially these days as the cost of everything rising seems to dominate our daily discussions. DIY car maintenance is the best alternative to preserve your spending.

Further, because we also promote repurposing whenever possible, we are happy to share some things that a car lover can still do when it comes to maintaining a vehicle and a few tips to just make life easier. And you don’t have to be an expert or computer engineer to handle these DIY car maintenance tasks.

A few of our favorite tricks and tips found on

“Reach stick” for your truck bed. Use an extension pole with a paint roller on the end to grab items from or to push things further into your truck bed.

Use a toothbrush for crevices or to loosen up dirt on carpet and upholstery.

Use a small paint brush (like you would use to paint a picture) to clean your air vents and little crevices around dashboard knobs and buttons.

Keep it clean

  • This is an easy and effective DIY cleaner for your vehicle’s dash and other trim. We like it for several reasons, and you may find it works better than a rather costly well-known product out there that we think smells a little funny and even tends to attract dust faster than this super simple recipe.
  • 1 clean spray bottle
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons of mineral or baby oil
  • 1 cleaning rag or clean cloth

Try it and let us know if you liked it. It does a fabulous job, and you are likely to have these items already in your closet at home. Bonus points for convenience!

DIY Car Maintenance

Now, keeping your vehicle safe and in working order is one DIY car maintenance task that you can’t afford not to do. Here is a list of items that anyone can manage on their own.

  • Wiper blades – any auto supply store can help you get the correct fitting blade and checking your owner’s manual or YouTube will show you how to complete an easy blade change. You want to keep your windows clean from debris so you can easily see any danger on your roadway. Here is a good resource from Auto Zone: AUTO ZONE
  • Air filters – you have 2 air filters in your vehicle, and you can change them both. Here is some help to guide you on both from Napa: Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter
  • Battery terminal – there’s nothing worse than running late and coming out to your car only to realize it won’t start! Keeping your battery terminals clean could be something that contributes to this occurrence. 4DIYers has some tips: VIDEO
  • Tire pressure maintenance – an easy check to keep your vehicle safe throughout the changing of seasons is checking your tire pressure; it will literally take you 2 minutes. Keep an easy-to-read gauge in your console. Geico has some advice on the subject to help: GEICO

Now, just because you may have the best maintained car on the block, don’t go trying to end up in the winner circle and driving to the local market like Mario Andretti! But DO make sure to use these DIY car maintenance tips throughout the year to keep your car operating at its best.