Longer winter?

“Phil” the cold void of winter with storage necessities like attic decking!

February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day! How it works: if the famed little rodent sees its shadow, we will have 6 more weeks of winter! If he does not, then spring will arrive early. And this year, the infamous but lovable rodent in Pennsylvania has seen his shadow!

Since Phil saw his shadow, you may feel like retreating back into hibernation, so here are 3 DIY projects you can do while held-up in your den, so to speak.


Paint a room -sure you can wait until it is summer, but you will want to be outdoors when the weather breaks and who can blame you! If you live in the Midwest or on the east coast, you’re tired of being cooped up behind closed doors and under layers of clothing by the time spring rolls around. So, why not take advantage of the situation!

Color? The mood is calm. We all need a little more of it these days. There is psychological correlation between our daily decisions and how we perceive color. Some of those determining factors involve the economic and mental state of our country. As you can imagine, the weight of the last couple of years has bogged down the majority of our societal views and mental well-being. The heaviness of the pandemic gives way to our need for soothing tones in our daily encounters. From marketing efforts to the coziness of our homes, we crave shades of relaxation that bring meditation and a sense of calmness to our lives. Click on this year’s Colors of the Year from two popular paint suppliers to explore how you can invite serenity into your life:


Declutter closets- no better time than now since you are spending your time indoors. Here is a suggested process for taking care of that cluttered mess.

  • Gather supplies: bags, boxes, dust rag, and vac.
  • Give it a once-over. Remove the items you absolutely know must go! The prom dress you bought from Goodwill 10 years ago for a Halloween costume, for example, you can let it go!
  • Do an honest evaluation of the items you no longer wear. We all struggle with it. If it doesn’t fit, if it hasn’t been worn in a year, or if it is out of style, it’s okay to let it go!
    UPCYCLE TIP: If you have every concert t-shirt you ever bought, make a quilt!
  • Vacuum and dust – most likely it’s been a while since you have touched those floors with a vacuum or mop.
  • Organize the items that you are keeping; by color or season or by use
  • Donate – many local communities have their own drop boxes for clothes and shoe donations. The best part is your donation will stay in your community and provide security to your fellow neighbors!


Access Storage

Once you have decluttered areas of your house, you may realize you need more storage options. Your attic can help with that! Attics provide on-the-site storage for homeowners who want quick access to their seasonal belongings. Attics also pose as a safety hazard for some homeowners. Balancing on the joists of an attic is an acquired skill not everyone needs to master. Attic decking options are available for the unused space below roofs. Attic Dek® is the industry leader in flooring options for your attic space. Installing Attic Dek® panels allows for ease of movement in an already cramped and tight space. This attic decking is breathable, light weight, and sturdy. It creates walkways where there were none before. No more balancing, no more cutting plywood, and no more storage unit expenses. You can have your own storage right under your roof!


Organize your pantry or kitchen cabinets. Here’s how you can attack the daunting chore!

  • Toss old stuff Don’t keep outdated items.
  • Donate. If it is still good but you no longer have a taste for peas, gift it or donate
  • Categorize your stock by categories that work for you.
  • Arrange by size. If you can’t see it or find it, you won’t use it.
  • Label. Containers with write-on labels are awesome for neatness and access. Find your perfect container here:
  • Make it accessible. Get a stool and keep it at-hand so you can reach the back of the high cabinets and not have items pushed to the rear going unfound until you do this again next year. Take a look at these two options!
  • Make it accessible. Get a stool and keep it at-hand so you can reach the back of the high cabinets and not have items pushed to the rear going unfound until you do this again next year. Take a look at these two options!