Attic Flooring & DIY ideas during March Madness

Score some crowd pleasers with these DIY hacks, like recycled attic flooring, for everyday living.

It’s March and Attic Dek celebrates March Madness with, of course, our own unique spin! You might be distracted by your bracket, or you might use this time to clean. We love cool DIY projects, and we especially love those that not only organize or enhance your life but also repurpose or multi-purpose everyday items!

We searched high and low and found a few big scoring ideas! Here are some 3 pointers! Swoosh! raved about this one by Then She Made, and we can’t blame them! If you have soup lovers in your household, or perhaps a canned green bean fan, repurposed soda boxes can keep these cans tidy and organized. And because you are an over-achieving DIY super-star, use a bit of wrapping paper or shelf-liner and you can even make the box trendy and stylish! Heck, the kids can help!

One Crazy House posted a favorite find for us here at the Attic Dek attic flooring factory…a lint container that hangs right by your dryer! Here’s why we love it! First of all, a trash can takes up valuable real estate in your laundry area and you are likely only going to use it for lint and small threads, so having a small receptical that hangs up out of the way is a winning idea! Secondly, how cute is this? Here, they used a small waste can but it could be an old post box or anything that works. Just paint it and hang it! Not only will this help keep your area clean and organized, but it promotes safety as well…clean those vents often!

Now, once you have put your lint box in place and use it to gather all that furry lint which will help dryer efficiency and avoid fires, gather up the lint and repurpose it for just the opposite. That’s right! The lint can now be used for fire starters for camp fires or back yard fire pits. Is this not genious? Repurposed trash! Seriously awesome! All net on that piece of magical madness!!

Ok, DIY’ers and sports fans, last but not least, you know Bob Vila is like the OG of DIY, so we would be remiss to not mention this one which is brought to us via Bob! Repurposed basketball net turned into a wall mounted table, anyone? Now you may need to pop down to the home store for the glass to top it off, but how awesome would this be for the mancave or your basketball star daughter’s room? Guaranteed to be a conversation piece loved by all.

It’s obvious that we love the creativity behind DIY hacks, but the real buzzer beater is finding hacks that repurpose products or items. Attic Dek attic flooring itself is made from reground plastic material. This prevents unused plastic pieces from going back into the environment. We go mad to provide you with a quality product that offers manufacturing mindfulness.

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